Elevator Cab Renovation GreshamYour elevator is an integral part of your facility that enables guests to travel freely between floors. However, depending on the age and other factors, an elevator cab renovation may be in order. Here are four signs your elevator interior is due for a design upgrade.

1. Visible Stains

Are there visible stains on the elevator walls or floors? Stains are more prevalent in materials like wood and vinyl, while steel, marble and mirrored finishes are more prone to scratches. Furthermore, you may notice foul smells that return even after a thorough cleaning and spray-down of the interior. Riders will especially notice odors due to the tightly enclosed space.

2. Worn Flooring

Is the elevator flooring showing excessive signs of scuffs and scratches? If you have a carpeted floor, is there slack or peeling on the corners? Apart from the cab floor, the floor entrance leading to the elevator may also appear equally worn. After all, riders will spend extended time right outside before the elevator door opens. 

3. Safety Concerns

Your elevator may need an upgrade if it lacks basic safety features. A common design upgrade are handrails, which provide a source of support for senior and disabled riders. In addition, older elevators may not have the highest weight capacity and is in danger of weight overload during peaking riding times.

4. Old Age

We recommend an interior upgrade if the elevator was installed more than 20 years ago, and no major renovations were ever made. Design trends are far different now compared to two decades ago. Interior styles like brass finishes, mirrored walls, and LED lighting are now in vogue. 

Schedule an Elevator Cab Renovation in Gresham

Step into your elevator. Is it in dire need of an elevator cab renovation? If so, contact us at Chinook Elevator Solutions, located near Gresham. We provide a number of pre-made elevator cabs as well as custom options to get your elevator up to date visually and functionally.

Expert Elevator Cab Renovation for Gresham

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