How Reliable Is a Stair Elevator for Seniors in Lake Oswego?

stair lift for seniors lake oswego

A stair elevator for seniors can be an excellent way to promote independent living. However, some Lake Oswego homeowners may wonder about the reliability of a stair elevator, better known as a stairlift. How reliable is this fixture, and is it dependable for daily use? Reliability Modern stairlifts installed by a reputable supplier are highly […]

What Is the House Elevator Cost in Portland?

house elevator cost portland

A residential elevator can be a great investment, especially as an age-in-place remodeling project to accommodate a senior or disabled occupant. Naturally, the first factor that comes to mind for most people is the cost. A house elevator cost in Portland can vary widely depending on a number of variables that we discuss below. Home […]

Stairlift FAQs for Lynnwood Homeowners


Perhaps you’re considering a stairlift installation for your Lynnwood residence. This is a terrific investment as part of an age-in-place remodeling or to accommodate an occupant with a mobility issue. Naturally, there are going to be questions regarding the installation, cost, etc. Here are the stairlift FAQs we often get from homeowners. How Long Does […]

Top Home Elevator Cladding in Kent


Many people think that wall cladding only pertains to commercial elevators, which are subject to far heavier traffic and public use. However, it’s just as relevant for residential elevators. It leads to higher visual appeal and longevity. Here are the common home elevator cladding styles chosen by Kent homeowners. Stainless Steel Contrary to popular belief, […]

Home Elevator and Stair Lift: Which One Should I Choose for My Greenwood Home?

stair lift for seniors lake oswego

At some point, traveling between floors may become increasingly difficult for you or another occupant due to age or disability. This is where homeowners begin contemplating a home elevator and stair lift as viable options for their Greenwood home. Find out which one may be the more suitable choice for your residence. Stair Lift Pros […]

How to Know You Need a Residential Elevator Installation in Seattle

house elevator cost portland

At some point as a Seattle homeowner, you may contemplate a home elevator as part of a major renovation and property investment. Learn the circumstances and living situations that may warrant a residential elevator installation. Age-in-place Remodeling Simple tasks like walking up the stairs become increasingly difficult as you reach your senior years. This can […]

The Benefits of Elevator Refinishing in West Linn

elevator refinishing newcastle

As an elevator ages and is subject to daily use, visible wear begins to manifest. Elevator refinishing for West Linn elevator owners is an intricate process that restores the cabin interior’s cosmetics. Learn how restoration can benefit your facility. What’s Included in an Elevator Refinish? First, let’s explain the process behind an elevator refinish. If […]

FAQs About a Home Elevator Installation in Shoreline

Home Elevator Installation Shoreline

A home elevator installation is a great investment for a number of reasons, most notably age-in-place remodeling. As a Shoreline homeowner, you likely have a number of questions regarding installation. Here are the inquiries we receive often from residences contemplating an installation. Where Will the Elevator Go? Where can you accommodate the elevator in your […]

4 Types of Home Elevators in Bothell

elevator types | stairlift |bothell

Elevators come in varying styles beyond the traditional style you see in commercial buildings. Learn about the variety of home elevator types available in Bothell and find the style that suits your home size, architecture, and occupant need. Our supplier Savaria manufactures home elevators designed for efficiency and ease of use. 1. Stair Lifts A […]

What are the Standard Home Elevator Dimensions in Lake Forest Park?

Home Elevator Installation Shoreline

One of the biggest questions for Lake Forest Park homeowners is whether their home is large enough to accommodate a residential elevator. What are the common home elevator dimensions and can they be adjusted to fit my residence interior? The Standard Dimensions The standard home elevator is 15-square-feet. The door width is 36-inches; this is […]

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