elevator cab design redmondWhen selecting an elevator cab design, there’s far more to it than just your own personal preference and taste. Elevator upgrades are an investment, so consider all the following variables to be sure you make the right decision.


How often do you use the elevator and how many people typically use it at one time? The more it’s used, the quicker the wall panels and floors will be scratched or scuffed. In this instance, aim for materials highly resistant to surface damage, such as stainless steel.


Who are your everyday passengers? For home elevators, the cab interior design may not be as big of a deal. However, if you own a commercial elevator that transports guests every day, take them into consideration. Are those guests VIP clientele? If so, you may want to consider more lavish surfaces, such as nickel and mirrored finishes. 


Where is the elevator located? If it’s located in a parking lot garage, for example, aesthetics may not be as high a priority. On the other hand, if the elevator is located in a fancy office or five-star hotel, consider including a touch of luxury.


Do you have a limited budget and timeframe? If a cost-effective solution is a priority, then consider choosing from a number of pre-made cabins rather than a customized design. This ensures a quicker and more cost-friendly installation.

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The elevator cab design is a major factor if you and other people are going to be using it daily. Contact Chinook Elevator Solutions for a number of wall, flooring, and ceiling designs. Choose from pre-made cabins or mix and max designs for a customized finish.

Elevator Cab Design Considerations in Redmond

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