elevator cab ceiling sea tacMost home and business owners spend time designing the elevator wall and floor panels but give little thought to the elevator cab ceiling. After all, the ceiling is out of direct site. However, this portion of the cab has a major impact on the design element as a whole.

Ceiling Panel

Popular material options for the cab ceiling include stainless steel and Lexan. You can also choose whether you want a frame or frameless design. Many elevator owners opt for materials that match the wall panels for a seamless and uniform appearance. It’s simple yet elegant.

Ceiling Finish

It’s fun to choose between the wide gamut of ceiling finishes. Brushed stainless steel is a common selection, though other considerations include mirrored stainless steel and patterned designs. Certain finishes complement nicely with existing accessories like the button panel or handrails. 

Ceiling Lighting

Choose between white and yellow lighting. Soft white lighting gives off a formal office vibe, while yellow has a bit more of a cozy and homey ambiance. Good options include LED perimeter and pot lighting which provides a halo effect. Consider how the lighting will reflect off the wall and floor panels or cast shadows in a small cab.

Elevator Package

If you’d rather not choose a customized design, then keep it simple with a cab interior package complete with an existing design template. This includes a ceiling design that’s fitting with the rest of the interior. This is sufficient for those not interested in individualized custom solutions for the ceiling, wall and floor.

We Provide Elevator Cab Ceiling Designs in SeaTac

Are you looking to renovate an existing elevator cab with new panels, lighting, etc.? Contact us at Chinook Elevator Solutions to remodel your elevator with a fashionable and sturdy elevator cab ceiling. This will give the whole interior a fresh and updated makeover. 

Elevator Cab Ceiling Installation in SeaTac

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