A home elevator is a terrific property investment with a number of benefits. However, there are a lot of home elevator myths circulating the internet that are leading to misinformation. We discuss the four most common myths and counter with the facts.

Myth 1: Residential Elevators Are Prone to Malfunction

There’s a prevailing belief that home elevators lack the quality and durability of commercial elevators. Here’s the truth: Elevators installed in the home must meet a number of quality assurance and safety regulations. Furthermore, residential elevators are often installed by the same companies that install commercial elevators.

Myth 2: Residential Elevators Require Tons of Maintenance

It’s widely believed that home elevators need to be inspected frequently by a technician, and parts need to be replaced all the time. Aside from a recommended annual inspection by a professional, home elevators require very little upkeep. We do, however, recommend regular cleaning of the cabin, including a thorough wipe-down of the elevator flooring and wall panels.

Myth 3: Residential Elevators Are Inoperable During a Blackout

Most home elevators are equipped with a backup battery that can come into play in the event of a power outage. Rest assured that those with special mobility needs won’t be stuck on a single floor just because of a blackout.

Myth 4: Residential Elevators Are Only for Affluent Homes

The most common myth we hear is that only affluent households can afford to install an elevator. Residential elevators, in fact, come in many styles with economical cab options. 

Need an Elevator Near Bothell? Ignore these Home Elevator Myths

Don’t let these home elevator myths dissuade you from installing an elevator if you think it’ll benefit your home immensely. At Chinook Elevator Solutions, we install elevator cabs along with varying designs for the ceilings and panels. Give us a call for more information on home installations.

Home Elevator Myths Explored Near Bothell

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