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From flooring materials and colors to elevator ceiling design and lighting, your elevator interior makes a statement about your company. The ceiling should complement walls and flooring, and lighting must be just the right color and brightness to work well with the other design elements. The ceiling panel selections and LED lighting options offered by Chinook Elevator Solutions keep styling, energy-efficiency and long-lasting durability in mind for you.
Trusted elevator ceiling design and lighting in Seattle | Businessman taking the elevator
Trusted elevator ceiling design and lighting in Seattle | lighting

Elevator Ceiling Design and Lighting Solutions

While the most-used elevator ceiling material is stainless steel in four or six-panels, there are many other options. Any can be custom-fitted as part of either a new elevator installation or a retrofit of an existing cab

Lighting Solutions

Most modern elevators use LED lighting technology, reducing energy usage and heat by up to 60%. Older elevator systems can easily be retrofitted to LED.
Trusted elevator ceiling design and lighting in Seattle | led lighting
Trusted elevator ceiling design and lighting in Seattle | wall lighting

Whatever lighting style you select, the correct wattage plays an important role in creating the cab atmosphere you envision. Wattage should be adjusted based on cab size, reflectivity of wall and floor panels, the ambiance being targeted, etc. We make sure the wattage used produces the ideal level of brightness to optimize the other design elements.

Full Selection of Ceiling and Lighting Solutions

Elevator ceiling design and lighting work together to play an important role in your elevator’s interior design. Contact the pros at Chinook Elevator Solutions if you need to upgrade your ceiling and/or lighting.
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