elevator disinfecting tukwilaElevator walls, panels, and buttons are subject to human contact on a daily basis. This is especially true of commercial elevators, which is why elevator disinfecting is so important and a major responsibility for facility owners. Learn how to keep your elevator’s interior cabin germ-free amidst COVID-19 and beyond.

Button Panel

The button panel is subject to daily contact from people pressing the buttons with their bare fingers. Thoroughly wipe down each button frequently using a microfiber cloth with an anti-bacterial spray. Avoid alcohol-based cleaners, as alcohol can erode the lacquered buttons, leading to fading and discoloration. 

Elevator Floor

Elevator floors range from carpet to epoxy. For carpet, a simple vacuum and occasional steam cleaning will suffice. For hard surfaces like hardwood or PVC, sweep the floor daily and mop using clean water and soapy detergent. Essentially, you can clean the elevator floor the way you would clean your kitchen floor.

Wall Panel and Door

For the panels, door, and handrails, use a non-abrasive cleaner and wipe using a cloth or disposable paper towel. Avoid using a sponge, which is notorious for holding onto and spreading bacteria. Be sure to wipe the surface dry; dripping liquid can seep into electronic components and cause damage.

Elevator Ceiling 

You may think disinfecting the ceiling is unnecessary since it’s not subject to human contact. However, a simple sneeze can cause airborne germs to make their way to the ceiling. Clean the elevator ceiling and lighting the way you would for the panel and door. Again, be mindful of electrical components, especially around the lighting.

Prioritize Elevator Disinfecting in Tukwila

Need to renovate your elevator with a new interior? Contact our team at Chinook Elevator Solutions for remodeling and cabin installations. Remember that elevator disinfecting is a critical component of public cleanliness and safety.

Elevator Disinfecting and Care in Tukwila

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