freight elevator sammamishDid you know that different types of elevators exist on the market? A freight elevator and service elevator are two of the common variants near Sammamish. Learn about these two styles and which one is right for your home or facility.

Freight Elevator

A freight elevator is intended for transporting heavy equipment on a daily basis. This makes it ideal for warehouses and supply chain centers. The interior contains wall panels and floors designed for durability. This may include non-slip rubber mats and stainless-steel walls. Cosmetic appearances aren’t a factor since the elevator is usually off-limits to the general public. There may also be an outer gate to keep unauthorized individuals out.

Service Elevator

Service elevators are intended for human occupants as well as light equipment. Depending on the facility, they may or may not be open to the general public. Examples of service elevators in public areas include hospitals and hotels. These may also have wider-than-normal doors and cabins to accommodate items like gurneys and janitorial carts.

If open to the public, service elevators may include furnishings like carpeted floors and ambient lighting. 

What About Home Elevators?

Residential elevators don’t fit into either category since they’re designed for transporting one to two people. Believe it or not, though, some homes are actually fitted with makeshift freight elevators. It’s rare, but it’s becoming more commonplace as more homeowners are starting businesses out of their residences. They may keep inventory in their home and need to transport supplies between floors.

We Provide Freight Elevator and Service Elevator Designs Near Sammamish

Freight elevators and service elevators require different interior designs and materials. At Chinook Elevator Solutions, we provide wall, floor and ceiling materials for both cabin types. Contact us to find out how we can fortify your elevator.

Freight Elevator and Service Elevator Cab Designs Near Sammamish

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