home elevator and stair lift greenwoodAt some point, traveling between floors may become increasingly difficult for you or another occupant due to age or disability. This is where homeowners begin contemplating a home elevator and stair lift as viable options for their Greenwood home. Find out which one may be the more suitable choice for your residence.

Stair Lift Pros

A stair lift has several advantages. The biggest benefit is that it’s the more cost-effective of the two solutions. While price varies, it typically starts at around $2,200 on average. Stair lifts are also versatile and can be installed on both straight and curved staircases. Most staircases can accommodate a stair lift with minor modifications. Only the rail usually has to be modified. 

Stair Lift Cons

Stair lifts may not be able to accommodate certain riders, such as wheelchair and powerchair users. Riders will also need to be able to get on and off the stair lift seat with little to no assistance. In addition, it may not be the best option if users need to constantly transport larger items between floors. 

Home Elevator Pros

Home elevators are larger, giving them the ability to accommodate greater weight and wheelchair users. With this option, homeowners have varying customization options with an assortment of wall panels, flooring, and ceiling lights. Finally, a home elevator can add significant value to your property and make it a huge draw among a small but significant niche of homebuyers.

Home Elevator Cons

Home elevator installations are more expensive on average, though estimates vary widely. Some homes may also be unable to accommodate an elevator cab due to space limitations.

We Provide Home Elevator and Stair Lift Options for Greenwood Homeowners

We provide both home elevator and stair lift installations courtesy of our suppliers Savaria, AmeriGlide, Fox Valley Elevator, and more. Leave it to Chinook Elevator Solutions to provide you with the most efficient residential solutions for your age-in-place remodeling.

Expert Home Elevator and Stair Lift Installation in Greenwood

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