home elevator planning tigardHome elevator planning in Tigard can be an exciting moment. After all, you have an assortment of options, from elevator flooring to lighting selections. Planning, though, entails more than just picking out the materials. Here are some planning fundamentals to keep in mind.

Determine the Space Requirements

How much space will the elevator consume? While it varies greatly, the average size is around 36-inches wide by 48-inches deep. How will you have to arrange the home to accommodate this space? What furniture or accessories will need to be moved?

Determine Must-Have Accessories

What accessories are must-haves and which ones are desired but not absolutely necessary? Handrails, for example, may seem optional. However, if the elevator is for a senior or disabled occupant, then it’s a must because it’s a safety feature that can prevent dangerous falls. Likewise, certain lighting options may be must-haves if the rider has vision issues.

Research Maintenance Costs 

Once the elevator is installed and ready to go, what’s the associated cost regarding maintenance and tune-ups? As a general rule, it’s a good idea to arrange maintenance once per year. A single professional tune-up costs an average $200 to $400. Occasionally, some parts may need to be replaced or refitted, which can add to the cost.

Research Power Consumption

Elevators require power to operate. How much will this cost you in energy usage? The amount of power used depends on the motor, which can range in size from five horsepower to 50 horsepower. The power consumption is roughly equivalent to that of an average-size refrigerator.

Home Elevator Planning in Tigard Made Simple

We can assist in your home elevator planning in Tigard. This is an installation that can add functional value to your residence. Contact Chinook Elevator Solutions for a consultation. We provide a number of pre-made home elevator cabins as well as customized options.

Home Elevator Planning Solutions in Tigard

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