stair lift for seniors lake oswegoA stair elevator for seniors can be an excellent way to promote independent living. However, some Lake Oswego homeowners may wonder about the reliability of a stair elevator, better known as a stairlift. How reliable is this fixture, and is it dependable for daily use?


Modern stairlifts installed by a reputable supplier are highly reliable, even for daily and frequent use. The typical stair elevator has a lifespan of around 10 years with regular maintenance. The battery lasts three to five years, and is inexpensive to replace.

Power Outages

One common concern is whether a stairlift can operate in the event of a power outage. As mentioned, stairlifts utilize a battery. As such, the stairlift can continue to work for as long as there’s juice in the battery. However, to preserve battery life, we do recommend switching the stairlift off when not in use.

Safe to Use 

Stairlifts are perfectly safe to use and operate provided the unit was installed by a reputable provider. In fact, they increase safety by minimizing the chances of seniors falling down the stairs. Despite their general safety, owners are advised to follow manufacturer guidelines, such as not exceeding the lift’s weight limit.

Doesn’t Block the Stairs

A common concern is that a stairlift installation will block most of the staircase, making them more difficult to use for healthy occupants. When not in use, the stairlift’s seat sits at the base of the stairs, leaving the rest of the steps unimpeded.

We Install a Stair Elevator for Seniors in Lake Oswego Homes

Rest assured that the suppliers Chinook Elevators work with are incredibly reliable. Our partners include established companies like AmeriGlide, Savaria, and Matot to list a few. Aside from a stair elevator for seniors, they’re also long-time providers of elevator cabins and materials like padding, flooring, and ceiling lights.

We Provide a Reliable Stair Elevator for Seniors

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