Elevator Installation SeattleAt some point as a Seattle homeowner, you may contemplate a home elevator as part of a major renovation and property investment. Learn the circumstances and living situations that may warrant a residential elevator installation.

Age-in-place Remodeling

Simple tasks like walking up the stairs become increasingly difficult as you reach your senior years. This can become a daily challenge for those with arthritis, joint pain, or hip problems. A home elevator gives seniors the freedom to travel between floors hassle-free. Options include enclosed elevators like those in public facilities or easy-to-install stairlifts. 

Mobility Issues

Similar to age-in-place remodeling, a home elevator is also a great home addition if an occupant has some form of disability. Some home elevators can accommodate wheelchair riders. An elevator is also a safer alternative to stairs for those on crutches, using a cane, or using a knee scooter.

Frequent Transport of Heavy Items

Do you routinely move heavy items between floors? Carrying heavy items by hand up and down the stairs can be dangerous, not to mention the potential for back pain and injuries. With an elevator, freely move heavier objects minus the physical strain.

Increase Property Value

The average homeowner may not need a home elevator. However, the addition can be huge for a small but prominent demographic segment. This can make your property far more appealing and put negotiations in your favor when selling your home. Some realtors may even recommend it, depending on trends and homebuyer data in your local area.

Contemplating a Residential Elevator Installation in Seattle?

If you have a residential elevator installation in mind, contact Chinook Elevator Solutions to set up an interview. We provide pre-made and custom cabins with your choice of elevator panels, flooring and more. A representative can help you determine if an installation is the right renovation move.

Professional Residential Elevator Installation in Seattle

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