elevator user experience bellevueThough an elevator ride only lasts several seconds, it does leave an impression on guests and customers. With that in mind, the elevator user experience matters more than you may think. Here are some key tips to maximize the riders’ experience. 

Appropriately Designed Control Panel

Make the control panel intuitive to use. For instance, the floor buttons should be positioned with the lower numbers at the bottom. Low floor numbers positioned at the top and the higher floors on the bottom can lead to confusion. This also makes usage easier for visually impaired patrons.

Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights can exude a sense of calm among elevator riders. The lights, however, shouldn’t be too bright, especially if you have reflective surfaces like stainless steel. Overly bright lights reflecting on glossy surfaces can hurt the eyes and lead to headaches. Soft ambient lighting with gentle music playing in the background goes a long way in enhancing the riding experience.


There should be handrails on all three elevator wall panels. This provides support for senior riders and those with mobile disabilities. Even those without special needs will appreciate a convenient rail to use as a hand rest. Just be sure to regularly sanitize the handrails.

Clear Emergency Instructions

There should be clearly written instructions next to the control panel on what to do in the event of a malfunction mid-ride. For some people, riding an elevator induces fear of a potential breakdown. Having clear instructions puts some riders at ease. Having the emergency call button stand out in red etching and lighting helps as well.

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Elevator User Experience Enhancement in Bellevue

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