elevator mirrors portlandThere are various elevator wall designs and claddings for your commercial elevator in or around Portland. Typical options include stainless steel, scratch-resistant vinyl and laminated wood. Mirrors are another option. We’ll go over the benefits of elevator mirrors for your Portland establishment.

Provides Illusory Effects

Mirrors provide an optical illusion, making the elevator cabin appear more spacious than it really is. This is especially the case when combined with ambient elevator lighting. This can be especially beneficial for riders who may be claustrophobic. 

Helps Disabled Riders

Mirrors help wheelchair-bound riders to back in or out without having to turn. The same goes for people transporting large objects. They can use the mirrors to help position the object without bumping the wall or other people. 

Provides a Sense of Security

If riding in a cab full of other occupants, many of whom are strangers, you can see what they’re doing without staring directly. Essentially, you can keep a lookout for people who may be engaged in suspicious activity, such as groping or secretly filming. 

Helps Pass the Time

Elevator rides are really short, usually no more than 30 seconds. Nevertheless, that time can feel like an eternity for some people. Elevator mirrors can help the time pass faster. How so? Think of all the quick activities you can do in front of a mirror:

  • Groom your hair
  • Straighten your tie
  • Put on makeup
  • Check your teeth for food remnants

These seemingly minor activities distract you from an otherwise uneventful ride. Before you know it, you’re on your desired floor.

We Install Elevator Mirrors Near Portland

Contact Chinook Elevator Solutions for an elevator cab upgrade. We provide a wide range of elevator panels, including mirrors, as well as flooring styles. Elevator mirrors are one way to make your elevator cab more presentable and more pleasant to ride in.

Elevator Mirrors for Your Cab Near Portland

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