elevator carpeting kentYou have many options with respect to elevator flooring. Elevator carpeting is one solution that’s gaining popularity, though it’s not always a good fit. Learn whether carpet is a good fit for your specific elevator and type of facility.

The Pros

Carpeting has a homey feel and may be a great option if you feel the elevator interior or facility as a whole has too much of an industrial vibe. It gives the cab a welcoming ambiance and integrates seamlessly with carpeted floors outside the elevator. In addition, carpets provide a nice contrast if the elevator walls are uniform in design, and the panels consist of industrial material like stainless steel.

As for home elevators, carpet is a popular option if the main living area also consists of carpet.

The Cons

Carpets may not be suitable for every facility. If heavy items are constantly being transported in and out of the elevator, this may not be the ideal floor solution. Facilities like warehouses, assembly lines, and multi-floor parking lots are better off with hard floor options. 

Is Elevator Carpeting Right for My Business in Kent?

We recommend elevator carpeting for the following:

  • Luxury and five-star hotels
  • Facilities with multiple office floors
  • Facilities that get a lot of traffic from customers and/or non-warehouse staff
  • Facilities with existing carpet floors right outside the elevator
  • Hi-rise buildings with 10 or more floors. Carpets have a more comforting feel for longer elevator rides.

We Install All Elevator Flooring Types

Carpeting is one of the many flooring types we install for elevator interiors. Contact us at Chinook Elevator Solutions for a consultation with one of our installers. We’ll help you determine whether elevator carpeting is the right fit for your facility. 

Elevator Carpeting Installation near Kent

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