elevator accessories ballardDespite elevator rides being very short, they do influence the riders’ perception of your facility as a whole. To boost perception, you need to enhance the riding experience, which you can do through a number of elevator accessories near Ballard. Here’s a small list of mainstay accessories.

1. Light Diffusers

Elevator lights shouldn’t be too bright. Overly bright lights can be hard on the eyes as the enclosed space causes the light to bounce between the walls. Light diffusers are simply a fancy term for light covers. This minimizes the brightness of lights, giving them a softer glow.

2. Elevator Mirror

A simple mirror in at least one wall panel can keep riders occupied for the duration of the ride. During the 20- to 30-second ride, riders can put the mirror to a number of uses, such as:

  • Adjusting their hair, makeup, or clothing
  • Keeping a watchful eye on what other riders are doing without staring directly
  • Minimizing blind spots for wheelchair riders
  • Providing an illusion of a larger space. This may minimize anxiety for claustrophobic riders.

3. Handrails

The upward and downward motion of an elevator can cause riders to lose their balance. A handrail provides a handle to grab onto for support. This is especially important for senior riders and those with disabilities. For people with backpacks, handrails provide a support to lean their back against and relieve some of the weight off their shoulders.

4. Voice System

We recommend an automated voice system that announces the floor number. This makes the elevator user friendly for visually-impaired riders. This should be a supplement along with braille.

We Provide an Assortment of Elevator Accessories for Ballard

Chinook Elevator Solutions installs a number of elevator accessories for both commercial and home elevators for Ballard. Contact us today to find out how we can enhance elevator usability. 

Elevator Accessories and Custom Designs for Ballard

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