Home-Elevator-Cladding-KentMany people think that wall cladding only pertains to commercial elevators, which are subject to far heavier traffic and public use. However, it’s just as relevant for residential elevators. It leads to higher visual appeal and longevity. Here are the common home elevator cladding styles chosen by Kent homeowners.

Stainless Steel

Contrary to popular belief, steel isn’t shunned due to its industrial vibe. On the contrary, it’s in high demand in residential applications. The polished steel provides a glossy and exquisite finish.

Aluminum and Bronze

Both aluminum and bronze are also popular metal finishes. They make for a nice decorative paneling and cost less on average compared to stainless steel. However, they’re less resistant than steel and are more prone to dents and abrasions.

Textured Steel

What is textured steel? This is metal with an artificially altered crystal structure. The end result is alloy with greater buckling strength and greater resistance to torsional stress. Textured steel also weighs less, making it a more cost-effective solution.

Plastic Laminates

Plastic has a reputation as a cheap and low-quality option. It’s certainly true that the cost is low. However, the lamination makes the material resistant to dust and moisture accumulation. It’s also highly heat and impact-resistant, not to mention it requires minimal maintenance.


While wood is highly visually appealing, it also has a reputation of being high maintenance. However, wood for elevator paneling includes non-porous material, such as industrial particle boards and medium-density fiber boards, which act as substrates to improve moisture resistance. 

Choose from an Assortment of Home Elevator Cladding in Kent

We partner with established suppliers in the industry, including Savaria, Matot, Fox Valley Elevator, and more. As such, we’re able to provide a wide spectrum of home elevator cladding and paneling. Contact us at Chinook Elevator Solutions to set up a consultation today.

Home Elevator Cladding Options

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