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Staff, customers and visitors use your elevator(s) throughout each day, and the brief time spent there makes an impression. At one time or another we’ve all ridden in a seedy old elevator on our way to or from some appointment or meeting. Think back on what that ride silently said to you, and you’ll remember it planted a subtle (or not so subtle) negative impression in your mind about that building or company. An entirely different impression would’ve been made had the elevator wall design been done with a modern stainless-steel finish exuding modernity, neatness and efficiency, or used beautiful composite panels with rich, subtle design and coloring communicating tastefulness and attention to detail.
Elevator Wall Design in Seattle & Bellevue | wall design
Elevator Wall Design in Seattle & Bellevue Business man leaning on elevator

Chinook Elevator Solutions was founded by two long-time elevator technicians who over the years had seen it all; from elegant to high-tech to ho-hum to neglected. Over the years they developed a refined sense of elevator interior styling, and became highly knowledgeable with all the cab interior manufacturers and their products. Those two technicians began to build a solid reputation in the Puget Sound area, and Chinook Elevator Solutions is now a trusted elevator design and renovation company staffed by a team of experienced pros.

Expert Elevator Wall Design in the Greater Seattle Area

When you entrust Chinook with your elevator wall design, we provide you with a surprisingly wide variety of wall panel, handrail, mirror, laminate, cladding and accessory choices for nearly endless styling customizations. Create a unique look and feel befitting your company!
Elevator Wall Design in Seattle & Bellevue | elevator
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Our styling consultations draw from deep experience, helping you make the best choices to create the look you desire within your available budget. Whatever your elevator wall design needs, the pros at Chinook Elevator Solutions have got you covered!

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Contemporary or Vintage Elevator Wall Design in the Greater Seattle Area

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