Home Elevator Dimensions Lake Forest ParkOne of the biggest questions for Lake Forest Park homeowners is whether their home is large enough to accommodate a residential elevator. What are the common home elevator dimensions and can they be adjusted to fit my residence interior?

The Standard Dimensions

The standard home elevator is 15-square-feet. The door width is 36-inches; this is also the minimum width requirement set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Larger elevator dimensions are available if you have ample interior space to accommodate the fixture. However, there are also maximum size limits. For example, home elevator heights typically can’t exceed 84-inches.

Weight Capacity

The weight limit for a typical home elevator is between 750 and 1,000 pounds. If you suspect you’ll require a higher load capacity, then consult with a technician. Larger weight limits may require higher size dimensions. It may also require sturdier elevator flooring and other materials to bear the weight of heavier objects without denting or scratching. 

Commercial Elevators for Homes

Some homeowners have also enquired whether they can install a commercial elevator for the home. If you have the interior space, you can install a cab with the dimensions and weight capacity of a commercial elevator. Elevators for public offices and facilities are an of average 22-square-feet. Load capacities can be as high as 5,000 pounds. 

Very few homes will have a need for a commercial-style elevator. This is especially the case for homeowners installing an elevator as part of an age-in-place renovation or to accommodate a disabled occupant.

We Determine Home Elevator Dimensions for Lake Forest Park Homeowners

Contact Chinook Elevator Solutions for a live consultation. One of our technicians can determine the appropriate home elevator dimensions based on your residential interior. Consultations include recommendations on cabin material, such as elevator walls and ceiling and lighting considerations. Set up an appointment today!

We Determine Home Elevator Dimensions in Lake Forest Park

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