home elevator installation greenwoodWith 2022 winding down, now is the time to begin contemplating new resolutions for the New Year. One good resolution is to improve your home interior with a home elevator installation in Greenwood. Learn why this is a beneficial investment.

Increase Independent Living with Home Elevator Installation

A home elevator is a terrific investment for homes with a senior or disabled occupant. This ensures these individuals have the full freedom to travel between floors without requiring assistance. This greatly improves quality of life for occupants who would otherwise be confined to the first floor.

Increase Safety

Even if a senior occupant is still mobile, having to traverse a set of stairs back and forth can increase the risk of a trip and fall. This can especially be dangerous if the occupant is home alone. A home elevator ensures safe travel.

Easily Transport Heavy Items

Getting furniture and other heavy objects to the second or higher floors can be difficult, not to mention risk damage to both the stairs and the object being moved. A home elevator eliminates the bulk of the manual labor.

Boost Home Value

If you put the property on the market, an elevator is an element that can attract a subset of buyers. Since the majority of homes don’t have an elevator, this puts you at a major negotiating advantage.

Increased Design Options

The elevator itself can serve as a focal point. This gives you plenty of design schemes when decorating both the elevator interior and exterior. The elevator entrance is an area that you can adorn with endless décor options.

Kick Off 2023 with a Home Elevator Installation in Greenwood

Introduce change to daily living in 2023 with a home elevator installation in Greenwood. With an installation comes a number of design combinations. Choose from an assortment of wall designs and lighting options. Contact us at Chinook Elevator Solutions for a consultation!

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